Green Truck Growers – ‘Following your dreams is not expensive’

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With my no-money trip coming up, I wanted to carry a camera. The first two months on the road I hardly used it. At one point I thought: Why did I bother? Then I met Roxanne, Ruaridh and Duncan at an organic farm where I volunteered and they work. Duncan told me about their dream and I instantly felt love for it. I knew their story would inspire others too. I wanted to help them, and film them.

When I left the farm they took me in. For five days we shared a house, worked on their truck, sowed seeds and connected. So when I interviewed them on the last day it felt like being with friends. I’m very happy to now share the short film I made.

YouTube video

Ruaridh, Roxanne and Duncan are currently growing their fruit and vegetables on a plot of land they’ve been given to use for as long as the owner is not selling it. They’re happy with it, but they don’t know how long it will last, and they don’t want to see their efforts undone by a future owner who doesn’t share their passion for soil regeneration.

I asked them about their ideal situation, no holds barred. This is what they said: ‘A piece of land we know we can invest in for the future, maybe sharing it with other like-spirited people. We’re not out to own anything, we just want to feel free to invest our time and energy into something that will grow to last.

Music: Chris Zabriskie, Cylinder Nine, from the album Cylinders.

My encounter with this Scottish family would become part of the book Geld Gaat Nooit Over Geld (‘Money is Never About Money’), which is currently available to read online in Dutch here. An English version is on the way; if you want to receive word when it’s published, please send a message to hello[at]raymundo[dot]earth.

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