About the world we demand to live in (Nick Poole)

A couple of weeks back, I interviewed 10 people for Europeana. Europeana is a collective effort to digitize all of the cultural content that’s locked away in museums and make it available for everyone to reuse and remix for their own creative expression.

Interviewing people from all over Europe, I was touched by everyone’s passionate involvement. I got a better understanding of why Europeana’s work is.

Nick Poole was one of the interviewees. I spent five minutes, mostly just listening, asking him maybe three questions. Nick voiced the ‘why’ of Europeana so fundamentally, clearly, and with vision, that his words helped me see the bigger picture behind culture and creativity.

I couldn’t turn it into a one minute short. So here’s the full five.

For more on Europeana, check dreams.europeana.eu.

Geld Gaat Nooit Over Geld

Een boek over de les die we (n)ooit op school krijgen, over tien maanden leven, reizen en werken zonder geld en over de wereld die wél kan.

» Vrij op deze website te lezen op een ‘geef wat goed voelt’ donatiebasis.
» Binnenkort ook beschikbaar als papieren boek en eBoek.