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Money Is Never About Money

and it’s not just the way it is

Living, working, parenting & being

beyond ‘business as usual

with Raymundo Resink
Author of the book Money is Never About Money


Thursday 25th april 2024
15:30-17:30 hrs
Treehouse Tribe

✰ About this afternoon ✰

Maybe you no (longer) feel life in ‘business as usual’.

Maybe you’re longing for different.

Maybe you feel called.

Maybe you see opportunities…

But money.

Many a person, young and old, carries the the following questions:

  • How can I best contribute to my development, that of my surroundings, and the world we live in, while taking care of my livelihood?
  • How do I stay connected to my higher purpose and a deeper knowing when money comes into play?
  • How do I give money a serving, creative and healing role in my soul mission, business, practice, family, life?

In these times, as more and more of our so-called certainties are faltering and crumbling, answering these questions isn’t becoming easier.

Or is it?

On Thursday 25th April 2024, invited by the dear people of Treehouse Tribe, I (Raymundo, hello) will take you to a place beyond ‘must’, ‘earn’ and ‘business models’.

You’re welcome to bring:

  • your questions about money, earning and ‘must’;
  • a longing for business as unusual;
  • limiting ideas and beliefs you may be struggling with;
  • curiosity;
  • yourself, whether you’re older or younger than 18 ☺︎.

What we’ll be doing

I will share some of my insights and experiences, including the ones I gained in my ‘living, travelling and working without money for ten months’ experiment, in learning to use money as a gift, and in the door that money becomes, once we start looking at it honestly.

But above that, my intention is to embark on a journey of discovery, with you and other participants, towards inspiration, liberation and — who knows — awesome ideas that you can apply immediately.

About Treehouse Tribe

Perhaps the only co-working space I’ve encountered so far, that really feels like ‘co’. Founded by Founded by Kai Brouwer and Jorik Elferink, who want to bring more kindness, playfulness and fun into business. I’m invited by Jeditah van der Meulen, community liaison and dear person in my life, and… I’ll let you see for yourself. See

✰ Practicalities ✰

Thursday 25th april 2024
Treehouse Tribe, Asterweg 20N, 1031 HN Amsterdam

15:00 hrs walk-in; 15:30 hrs start; 17:30 hrs round-off.

✰ Register ✰

Since this afternoon is (not) about money, we’ll be running things a bit differently:

1. You give in advance — via a button below — a commitment contribution of €10 (incl. VAT) for the space, for our commitment and for the ‘yes’ you feel about attending. At the door, if we still have space, we ask for a commitment-contribution of €15 (cash).

2. At the end of the gathering, I’ll invite you to feel in on the right total amount for you to give. You don’t need to break your head about this beforehand (you’re perfectly allowed of course ☺︎), because we’ll be doing a special process for it, something you may want to integrate into your own (working) life.

For inspiration:

» The three-volume book Money is Never About Money has been available on this website — in Dutch — since April 2023. You can read it online freely and on a ‘give what feels good’ donation basis.

» You can order the paper version (€40 plus optional donation) and eBook (open price) here on this website.*

» Both the paper book and e-book will be available for purchase after the no-lecture.*

*The Dutch audiobook and the English translation are in the works! If you want to receive word when they are published, you can drop me a line here or let me know at the end of this event.

Your commitment contribution
for the no-lecture

€10 per person (incl. VAT)

After hitting the ‘Register’ button, you’ll be directed towards a Dutch-language payment page.

As with the book, the English website is in the works ☺︎.

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